Whether you have your heart set on an organic, arms-have- trained-all-year to carry, farm to field bouquet, or a petite nosegay of grandmother’s heirloom gardenias, we are well trained in the architecture of building bouquets in all shapes, sizes and botanical materials.


Electric blue skinny suiters and bearded hipsters take a deep breath!  We construct tight, tailored and matrimonial hip boutonnieres which in turn guarantee that you will never look like you are going to a high school prom with your man flowers.


Not to brag, but we think our floral jewelry and crowns rival those worn by the social and famous of Coachella!  Flower crowns, veil combs, hair combs, floral bracelets, floral anklets, corsages and floral necklaces.


Versed in bribing labradoodles and pre-school twins to get down the aisle, we’ve flowered up dodge balls, toy dinosaurs, beloved stuffed animals and exhausted chew toys, to name a few.  We offer petal sprinkles, herb sprinkles, mossed vessels, Geronimo balloons, floral pet collars, harnesses and leashes, and object specific design.


Matrimonial Pow-Wow!!!!   We design-build and rent a geometric lollapalooza of wooden and driftwood shapes-triangles, circles, half circles, arches and rectangles. We then drape, swag and flower up to make what you stand in front of as original as what you stand for. Our collection includes arches, alter back drops, chair, tree and aisle décor.  We also build to order.


Like mammoth statement necklaces hanging in your tent or over your dance floor, these drink-dropping floral or green wreathes have gone viral.  Your friends are already jealous with you just mentioning adding one of these to your event décor menu.


The organic anaconda of table décor, we hand make each of our garlands to order.  Lush and fragrant, these make everyone so happy. Greens, herbs and flower garlands are perfect down tables or swooping through tents.


The math can be daunting.  Eighteen guest tables x eighteen centerpieces = a heart attack. We don’t brainstorm our client’s table designs that way.  This area of your design can be so creative and budget savvy.  We have a cache of vessels, props, candles and organic confetti we design with and a million ideas for cutting the math in half.


To be brutally honest, decorations in the pool do not keep guests from skinny dipping.  Floats filled with flowers, boats filled with flowers, blooming trees, floating flower trays, candles, giant orbs, balloons and floating typography still tempt those determined to make a late-night splash.