Meet our Team: Jessie Diva

jessieee Name: Jessie “Diva” Ethridge

Age: 25

Hometown: Wanchese, NC

RLE Job Titles: Uniform & Lunch Curator, High School Intern Program Director, Fabric Guru, Assistant Floral & Lighting Designer

What You Will Always Find in my Tool Box: 2 staple guns. One for wood & one for fabric.

Favorite work related question: Does this mean I get a raise?

On my Play List: #The Night is Still Young/ Nicki Minaj

Favorite Duties at RLE: Talking about myself. Catching my co-workers up on my personal gossip. Eating lunch. Hanging Fabric. Bossing around Kelly, my high school intern. Shopping. Anchoring props in the swimming pool.

Fashion Secret Weapons: Nair.

Favorite Apps: GPS. Grinder.

Favorite Duck Doughnut: Maple bacon glazed with strawberry jelly filling

How I Like My Coffee: 2 creams. 10 sugars.

Jobs before RLE: Nanny, car salesman, can opener sales associate

Next Car: Something simple and house-wifey like a Denali

Go To Late Night Snack: A McDouble with Fries

My McDreamy: A Jersey Guido

Biggest Fear: Bed bugs

I would get married at… Jurassic Putt... no wait, Digger’s Dungeon.

I would have my reception at… Roosters or The Lost Colony Distillery.

Favorite Co-worker: Alice Anne, because she dresses in Under Armor.



{ Inspirational styled shoot at the Grave Digger-Diggers Dungeon, photography by Brooke Mayo Photographers }

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