Meet Our Team: Kelly


Name: Kelly Weisbecker

Age: 18

Hometown: Kitty Hawk, NC

Favorite Tasks to do at RLE {…besides driving Scout around!}: Delivering flowers to the brides. They’re always so excited to receive the flowers for their big day and their joy reflects back onto me.

College Attending: Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida

Major: Hospitality & Tourism

Favorite Colleague at RLE: Jessie Etheridge because he always makes every day an adventure. The Diva always has a smile on his face, even when he’s super stressed out.

Funniest RLE Memory: Cory (our prime time lighting installer) and I were heading to Carova right before a hurricane last year. The ocean was super rough on the 4X4 beach and the tide was rising. The gear shift broke on the Panty Dropper (one of our work trucks that doesn't seem to care how busy we are!), so we couldn’t reverse, park or ANYTHING!!!  There was a house right on the beach and we couldn’t turn around, so we had to perfectly time our driving so that we drove through the ocean when the tide was most receded. There was water all over the windshield, and we got soaked too! It was a wild ride!

Your Ride: My beloved 2005 Chevy Malibu

Online Shopping Spots: Rifle Paper Company & Modcloth

Other Jobs: Island Bookstore (four years) & Wave Pizza in Duck

Busy Bee?: Aside from work, I keep myself busy by stage managing and back stage managing for the school play, the musical, and battle of the bands. I also am Concert Mistress of Seaside Strings and have been taking private violin lessons since third grade. This year I also got to help plan and decorate for Prom which was super fun because it’s really exciting to see the school turn from everyday blah into the speakeasy that prom committee envisioned when we first began planning.

Coolest Thing I Learned at RLE: My favorite thing that I’ve learned at RLE was how to make a bouquet. I always knew conceptually how it was done, but having Renee teach me was really great. It was especially cool because my sister got married last September, and I was able to make her bouquet for her which added to the intimacy that she wanted for her big day.

What You Wore… (For Your Rle Interview): For my RLE interview, I painstakingly picked out what I deemed to be the perfect outfit for an interview by a florist. I wore a navy blue pencil dress with a floral panel down the center and spring green pumps. As I walked up Renee’s front walk way, she opened the door, took one look at me and said, “Oh my god, don’t you look perfect!”.  And that’s how I started off my dream job!


A Note from NayNay: The minute Kelly walked up the drive for her interview she was hired… this girl is going somewhere!!!!  I could not have asked for a better high school intern.  She has excelled in every aspect of her job duties, from managing Jessie ;),  to helping recruit young interns, running prom promotions, communicating,  driving my child, and working with all aspects of event design.  She is not afraid of arriving fresh faced at 5:30 AM, doesn’t melt in the rain, and tireless on the hottest days in August. We love her and wish her the very best  in her new adventures in Florida! Glad we get to have her for a few more weeks this season